Hierarchical Modeling or Multiresolution Curves and Surfaces

A hierarchical modeling is a multiresolution curve or surface representation that provides.

Our research approach to this field was inspired, in the curve case, by the work Finkelstein, Salesin, Multiresolution Curves, Proceeding of SIGGRAPH '94, and in the surface case by the Forsey and Bartels works.

In particular we implemented and extended the Finkelstein and Salesin proposal in our xccurv plane curve modeler (Version 2.0); follows some examples:

level 5; level 0 or curve sweep;
modified curve sweep; level 5 adding previous details;
level 5; level 4; level 3; level 2;
level 4 modified; level 5 adding previous details.

Moreover we proposed a multiresolution NURBS surface representation by making use of trimmed NURBS surface. This was partially implemented in our xcsurf (Version 2.0) 3D modeler. Follows an example of Hierarchical NURBS surface.

First level surface
Parts modeled at different levels
Parts modeled at different levels (other view)
Rendering of the multiresolution surface