Scientific Research Page
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My research interests are in Geometric Modeling and Computer Graphics. At the core geometric design and computer graphics is the mathematical problem of defining, representing and manipulating shape.

I have worked in the area of NURBS curves and surfaces since 1989, conducting research and implementing software. In the years 1998-2000 has been realized the XCModel package based on NURBS to model free form curves and surfaces, to compose solid objects with trimmed surfaces and to render modeled scenes.

This system is at the same time the result of my experience of over ten years of research and my experimental testbed combining new and well-tried approaches. In fact, my work method is well expressed by the following sentence from Voelker and Requicha:

"It is important to do both theoretical research and experimental system building. They are synergetic, and the exclusive pursuit of either can lead to sterile theory or quirky, opaque systems."