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XCModel is a system based on NURBS to model free form curves and surfaces, to compose solid objects and to render modelled scenes.

If you're not familiar with surface and solid modeling, you might like to take a look at a brief description of the field.

XCModel environment integrates four interactive graphics systems:

XCModel and its subsystems were designed bearing in mind the following objective:

This research has been supported by MURST, Cofin97, Numerical Analysis: Methods and Mathematical Software.
XCMODEL version 1.0 has been presented and shown at Analisi Numerica: Metodi e Software Matematico Conference, organized by the University of Ferrara (Italy), january 19-21, 2000.

XCMODEL version 2.0 has been presented and shown at Matematica, Arte e Tecnologia: da Escher alla computer graphics exibition, organized by Department of Matematics in the Matematica, Arte e Tecnologia event, Bologna (Italy), october 12-december 13, 2000.

XCMODEL version 3.0 has been presented at EGIT'03 (Eurographics Italian Chapter) Conference, Milano (Italy) July 11/12, 2002 EG_IT Web Page


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