a Matlab Tool for image restoration with Newton-like Projection methods

NPTool is a software package for image denoising and deblurrig from Gaussian or Poisson corrupted data.
The image formation process is modeled as
where The image restoration problem is formulated as the nonnegatively constrained minimization problem
min J0(x)+eta*JR(x)
s.t. x>=0
where NPTool is a Matlab implementation of some Newton-like Projection algorithms for the solution of the previously described constrained optimization problem.

  1. Version 1.1, July 2011. The software has been tested on Windows operating system.

The code can be obtained from Netlib ( as the na35 package or by clicking here. The code has been developed using Matlab version 7.5.

The Matlab functions are included into a zipped .rar file. Once you have downloaded and unpacked it in your Matlab working directory, type
>> startup
There is a "Readme" file to guide you in the use of the codes.

The software has been developed by G. Landi and E. Loli Piccolomini.

For any information or comments, please contact landig(at)


This work has been partially supported by the Ministero dell' UniversitÓ e della Ricerca under the Grant number 2006018748.