Numerical methods (Module I)

Cds Civil Engeneering

Teacher: prof. Elena Loli Piccolomini (, 051 2094480)

Tutor: Dott. Elena Morotti (

           Dott.Maria Giovanna Vitolo (


Pre-course material
Matlab slides can also be available on AMSCAMPUS (Didactic Material repository)

  Introduction and finite numbers

 Introduction to Matlab: practice.


The homeworks 1,2,3 must be sent by email to my email

with the object:

The attach must be UNIQUE compressed file containing three folders named ex1,ex2,ex3.

Each folder must contain the mfiles and the report (as a pdf) of the exercise.

The students that have not given all their homeworks during the course MUST send them one week before the exam. Otherwise they cannot have the exam


September 2018

Evaluation scheme:
part I: 0-9 points
part II: 0-18 points
homeworks: 0-6 points.
The final evaluation has been multplied by 1.1

The students with a final score > 30 have the score of 30Lode.


Introduction to Matlab (S. Attaway)
A. Quarteroni, F. Saleri, P. Gervasio, Scientific Compouting with Matlab and Octave, Springer

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