Numerical methods (Module I)

Cds Civil Engeneering

Teacher: prof. Elena Loli Piccolomini (, 051 2094480)

Tutor: Dott. Elena Morotti (

           Dott. Martin Huska (


11-14 Room 1.5
Tuesday 14-18 Lab3
Thursday 9-12, Room 3.6

Pre-course material
Matlab slides can also be available on AMSCAMPUS (Didactic Material repository)

  Introduction and finite numbers

 Introduction to Matlab: practice.


The homeworks 1,2,3 must be sent by email to my email

with the object:

The attach must be UNIQUE compressed file containing three folders named ex1,ex2,ex3.

Each folder must contain the mfiles and the report (as a pdf) of the exercise.


Homeworks results. (updated to June 2017)

N.B. If the evaluation of a homewotk is  'D' the student cannot have the exam.


Results exam 11/9/2017

IF you DON'T accept your vote, please send me an email before  monday, 18 September.

Evaluation scheme:
part I: 0-9 points
part II: 0-18 points
homeworks: 0-6 points.
The final evaluation has been multplied by 1.1

The students with a final score > 30 have the score of 30Lode.


Introduction to Matlab (S. Attaway)
A. Quarteroni, F. Saleri, P. Gervasio, Scientific Compouting with Matlab and Octave, Springer

Office hours 

 By appointment via  e-mail: or  phone:  051 2094480.
  at Mathematics Department, Piazza di Porta San Donato 5, VIII floor.