Seminari del Dipartimento di Matematica
Università di Bologna

20 Apr 2017
seminario di analisi matematica
Flatness results for nonlocal phase transitions in low dimensions.
Eleonora Cinti
We present some recent results in the study of the fractional Allen-Cahn equation. In particular, we are interested in the analogue, for the fractional case, of a well known De Giorgi conjecture about one-dimensional symmetry of bounded monotone solutions. In dimension n=2 and for any fractional power 0<s<1 of the Laplacian, the conjecture is known to be true. In this seminar, we will address the 3-dimensional case. Depending wheter s is below or above 1/2, we need to exploit different techniques and ingredients in the proof of the one-dimensional symmetry. In particular, when s<1/2, some properties of the so-called nonlocal minimal surfaces, will play a crucial role. This talk is based on several papers in collaboration with X. Cabré, J. Serra, and E. Valdinoci.