(RAVELLO - SEPTEMBER 4 - 16, 2023)

The school aims is to give introductive lectures by international experts in Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics. The school is mainly addressed to young researchers.
Four courses will be given in a series of 12 lectures scheduled in the morning of each day.

Courses (click on the title to know the contents):

1a. - part I (6 lectures, week I): "Free surface singularities", Jens Eggers,  (University of Bristol)
1b. - part II (6 lectures, week II): "Long nonlinear surface and internal waves on currents: from 2D to 3D" Karima Khusnutdinova (Loughborough University)

2a. - part I (6 lectures, week I): "Applications of continuum mechanics in cardiology", Julius Guccione  (University of California)
2b. - part II (6 lectures, week II): "
Physics-based and data-driven mathematical models for the simulation of the cardiocirculatory system", Alfio Quarteroni  (Politecnico di Milano and EPFL, Lausanne) 

3a. - part I (6 lectures, week I): "
Quantum mechanics in phase-space and applications to quantum transport", Luigi Barletti  (UniversitÓ di Firenze).
3b. - part II (6 lectures, week II): "
Quantum electron transport in low dimensional devices", Luis  L. Bonilla (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

4a. - part I (6 lectures, week I): "
Continuum mechanics with Eulerian formulations of constitutive equations", Miles B. Rubin (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa).
4b. - part II (6 lectures, week II): "
Multiscale approaches for material science in a nutshell", Giuseppe Puglisi (Politecnico di Bari)

The lessons will be held from Monday to Saturday. Each participant must attend at least two courses uninterruptedly and for the entire duration of the school, barring exceptional and justified reasons. Some lecture notes will be available during school days. All participants must be active in the seminar activity during the afternoon. This activity will be organized and guided by the teachers.

   Those interested who want to attend the school must complete the online form here, no later than 15 May 2023, indicating the two courses they wish to attend and whether they need financial support from the GNFM. The scientific committee of the GNFM will examine the applications, and the final decision will be communicated as soon as possible. Financial support for subsistence and accommodation costs will be available for up to 30 young participants. Travel expenses can only be reimbursed to Italian participants who receive financial support.

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   Il Direttore del  GNFM                                                            Il Direttore della Scuola

Prof. Giuseppe Saccomandi                                               Prof. Tommaso Ruggeri 

Bologna/Perugia, 1 March, 2023