Photos with some colleagues and friends

with Martin Stoll (Feb 2020)

with Alison Ramage, Andreas Frommer and Kathryn Lund (Sept 2019)

with Maurizio Falcone (2015)

with Dario Bini (June 2015)

with Alison Ramage (June 2011, June 2012, July 2019)

with Howard Elman (June 2011)

with Shreemayee Bora (left) and Vjeran Hari (middle), (July 2010)

with Nicola Mastronardi (June 2010)

with Mario Arioli and Michele Benzi (Sept 2004)

with Daniel Szyld and Andreas Frommer (October 2009, June 2011, June 2012, Sept 2013, May 2019)

Lecturers of the Thirty-fourth Woudschoten Conference (October 2009)

with David Silvester (October 2009)

with Stratis Gallopoulos (June 2008)

with Daniel B. Szyld (June 2008)

with Michele Benzi (Sept. 2008)

with Gilbert Strang (June 2008)

with (left to right) Alison Ramage, Julio Moro, Stratis Gallopoulos, Andreas Frommer, Andy Wathen, Bernd Fischer, Daniel Szyld (July 2006)

with Chen Greif (July 2006)

with Gene Golub (Sept 2001)