(RAVELLO -  SEPTEMBER 6 - 15, 2021)

The School of Mathematical Physics in Ravello will also be held this year even if in a reduced way due to the pandemic.
The aim of the school is to hold introductory lectures by international experts in the field of Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics. The school is aimed primarily at young researchers.

For this year there will be 4 courses in the first week for a total of 6 hours each from 6 to 11 September and  4 short courses for a total of 3 hours each from 13 to 15 September.

Arrival is scheduled for Sunday 5 and departure on Wednesday 15  September afternoon.

Courses (click on the title to know the contents):

First Part (6-11 September 2021):

1a. Integrability Patterns in Wave Motion, Gregorio FALQUI  (University of Milano-Bicocca)

2a. Wave Turbulence, Miguel ONORATO (University of Torino)

3a. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics, Tommaso RUGGERI, (University of Bologna).

4a. Boltzmann -Type  Models  of  Multi-Agent Systems on Networks, Andrea TOSIN (Politecnico di Torino)

Second part (13-15 September 2021)

1b. Frobenius manifolds, flat F-manifolds and integrable systems of conservation laws Paolo LORENZONI  (University  of Milano-Bicocca)

2b. Wave Motion in SolidsGiuseppe SACCOMANDI (University of Perugia)

3b. The Boltzmann equation: from microscopic to macroscopic scales, Chiara SAFFIRIO (University of Basel)

4b. Quantum-like approach to complex systemFabio BAGARELLO (University of Palermo)

 Some lecture notes or PDFs will be available on the first day of school. Each participant must attend at least two courses without interruption and for the entire duration of the school, except for exceptional and justified reasons. All participants must be active in the seminar activity during the afternoon. This activity will be organized and led by the teachers.
To attend the school it is necessary to fill in the online form here no later than 30 June 2021, indicating if you need financial support from the GNFM. Financial support for living and accommodation expenses will be available for up to 30 young participants. Travel expenses can only be reimbursed to supported Italian participants. Applications will be reviewed by the GNFM Scientific Committee and the final decision will be communicated as soon as possible.

Il  Direttore del  GNFM                                                                 Il Direttore della Scuola

Prof. G. Saccomandi                                                                   Prof.  T. Ruggeri

Perugia/Bologna, 03 June 2021