locandinaThe conference "Mathematics and Culture in Europe" is part of the European Project "Mathematics in Europe" involving the Universities of Bologna, Bochum, Cyprus, Durham and Paris VII. The intended audience consists of teachers and students in Universities and in high schools, and anyone else with interest in education.

The aim of the "Mathematics and Culture in Europe" is to show to a wide audience how Mathematics is important not only in Technology and Science, but also in Arts and Literature.

The conference will take place in Bologna (Italy) at the Department of Mathematics, Piazza di Porta S. Donato 5, on October 22 - 23 2004.

On Thursday October 21 at 9.00 pm, the participants can attend to the representation of the play Proof by David Auburn. This performance is part of a theatrical series "Mathematics and Theater", and will take place at the Teatro Antoniano in Bologna.

European Contract 2002-5569/001-001 SO2 61OBGE - Grant request 38/2002
"Diffusion and improvement of mathematical knowledge in Europe"
Socrates Program - Action 6.1