Accepted papers:

A. Cattabriga, M. Mulazzani, A. Vesnin: Complexity, Heegaard diagrams and generalized Dunwoody manifolds, accepted for publication on J. Korean Math. Soc., (2008). pdf file

Published papers:

A. Cattabriga, M. Mulazzani: Extending homeomorphisms from punctured surfaces to handlebodies, Topology  Appl., (2008), 155, 610-621.  math.GT/0702570

A. Cattabriga, M. Mulazzani: Extending homeomorphisms from 2-punctured surfaces to handlebodies, Kobe J. Math.,  (2007), 24, 11-20.  math.GT/0601255

A. Cattabriga: The Alexander polynomial of (1,1)-knots, J. Knot Theory Ramifications, (2006),  15, 1119-1129. math.GT/0501394

A. Cattabriga, M. Mulazzani: Representations of (1,1)-knots, Fundam. Math., (2005), 188, 45 -57.  arXiv:math.GT/0501234

A. Cattabriga, M. Mulazzani: All strongly-cyclic branched coverings of (1,1)-knots are Dunwoody manifolds,  Journal of the London Mathematical Society 70 (2004), 512-528. arXiv:math.GT/0309298

A. Cattabriga, M. Mulazzani: (1,1)-knots via the mapping class group of the twice punctured torus, Advances in Geometry 4 (2004), 263-277. arXiv:math.GT/0205138

A. Cattabriga, M. Mulazzani: Strongly-cyclic branched coverings of (1,1)-knots and cyclic presentations of groups, Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 135 (2003), 137-146. arXiv:math.GT/0110042


A. Cattabriga: (1,1)-nodi e gruppi ciclicamente presentati, advisor Prof. Michele Mulazzani, PhD Thesis in Mathematics, University of  Bologna, 2003, pdf file.       

A. Cattabriga: Coomologia di De Rham, advisor Prof. Angelo Vistoli, Degree Thesis in Matemathics, University of Bologna, 1999,  pdf file.