Prossimi Seminari

Martedì 21 Nov ore 18:00
presso - Aula Da Stabilire -
seminario di algebra e geometria
Density strikes back
Mercoledì 22 Nov ore 14:30
presso Aula Cremona
seminario di probabilità
nel ciclo di seminari
Seminari di Probabilità
Probabilisti e statistici italiani del secolo scorso
Eugenio Regazzini
Il XX è stato, fra altre cose, anche il secolo della rinascita della probabilità e della statistica nelle comunità scientifiche più avanzate dell'occidente. Questo seminario si propone di illustrare il contributo degli italiani a tale processo, a partire dalle questioni che, polarizzando l'interesse di alcuni nostri studiosi di forte ingegno, portarono alla formulazione di teorie originali ed al conseguimento di pregevoli risultati destinati a durare nel tempo. Di essi si darà cenno, breve ma sperabilmente sufficiente a chiarirne valore e ruolo in relazione allo sviluppo generale delle scienze e dei metodi, insieme a qualche considerazione sulle caratteristiche umane e professionali degli Autori.
Mercoledì 22 Nov ore 18:00
presso - Aula Da Stabilire -
seminario di algebra e geometria
Purity and Perversity
Luca Migliorini
Giovedì 23 Nov ore 14:00
presso Aula Arzelà
seminario di algebra e geometria
Deforming P-functors
Ciaran Meachan
Universal functors associated to hyperkahler moduli spaces are conjectured to be P-functors. I will present some ideas of why I expect these functors to become spherical on the twistor space associated to the moduli space. This is work in progress.
Giovedì 23 Nov ore 15:30
presso Aula Arzelà
seminario di algebra e geometria
Enhancements in derived and triangulated categories
Alice Rizzardo
Derived and triangulated categories are a fundamental object of study for many mathematicians, both in geometry and in topology. Their structure is however in many ways insufficient, and usually an enhancement is needed to carry on many important constructions on them. In this talk we will discuss existence and uniqueness of such enhancements.
Giovedì 23 Nov ore 16:30
presso Aula Cremona
seminario di analisi matematica
Boundary conditions for Kramers-Fokker-Planck operators
Francis NIER
I will present a class of boundary conditions for Kramers-Fokker-Planck operators which guarantees subelliptic estimates similar to the whole space problem.
Giovedì 23 Nov ore 17:00
presso Aula Arzelà
seminario di algebra e geometria
Rational curves on irreducible symplectic varieties
Valeria Bertini
After recent works of Gianluca Pacienza in collaboration with François Charles and Giovanni Mongardi, it seems possible to prove the existence of rational curves on irreducible symplectic varieties (IVS) of a fixed deformation type, starting from special points of their moduli spaces and using the parallel transport operators group. I will introduce this approach, used by Charles, Mongardi and Pacienza in the case of IVS that are deformation equivalent to one of the examples introduced by Arnaud Beauville, and I will tackle the open case of IVS deformation equivalent to the dimension 10 example due to Kieran O'Grady. Furthermore, I will explain some important consequence on the Chow group of 0-cycles of the variety.
Venerdì 24 Nov ore 10:00
presso Aula Arzelà
seminario di algebra e geometria
Irreducible symplectic varieties from moduli spaces of sheaves on K3 surfaces
Arvid Perego
In a recent paper Hoering and Peternell completed the proof of the Bogomolov decomposition in the singular projective setting: every normal projective variety which is smooth in codimension 2 and has canonical singularities and numerically trivial canonical bundles, admits a quasi-étale cover which is a product of complex tori, Calabi-Yau varieties and irreducible symplectic varieties. These last are the singular analogue of hyperkaehler manifolds, and share many features with them. In a joint work with A. Rapagnetta we show that all moduli spaces of semistable sheaves over projective K3 surfaces (with respect to generic polarizations) are irreducible symplectic varieties, with the only exception of symmetric products of K3 surfaces. Moreover, we describe their second integral cohomology, their Beauville form and their Fujiki constant.
Venerdì 24 Nov ore 11:30
presso Aula Arzelà
seminario di algebra e geometria
Monodromy of IHS manifolds of O'Gr10 type
Venerdì 01 Dic ore 14:30
presso Aula Bombelli
seminario di analisi matematica
nell'ambito della serie
Complex Analysis Lab
Discrete extremal length on graphs and square tilings
Davide Cordella
The notions of extremal metric and extremal length can be develop on the discrete context of finite graphs. In particular, following an article by Oded Schramm (1993), they are the main tool to build a correspondence between the 1-skeleton of triangulations of a quadrilateral and square tilings: the squares are associated to the vertices in a combinatorial fashion to fill a rectangle with no overlaps. The extremal metric expresses the length of the edge of the squares. Furthermore, extremal length can be considered on trees. It is in some sense the reciprocal of the notion of capacity from potential theory.
Giovedì 07 Dic ore 16:15
presso Aula Seminario VIII piano
seminario di analisi matematica
Geometria dei problemi ellittici sovradeterminati
Pieralberto Sicbaldi, Università di Granada e Université d'Aix-Marseille
Mercoledì 13 Dic ore 14:00
presso Aula Cremona
seminario di didattica della matematica
L'Aritmetica e la manualistica elementare
Erika Luciano
Giovedì 14 Dic ore 16:15
presso Aula Enriques
seminario di analisi matematica
Asymptotic analysis in the ball for almost critical fully nonlinear elliptic equations
Fabiana Leoni