CIME-EMS Summer School 2015
Exploiting Hidden Structure in Matrix Computations. Algorithms and Applications

June 21-26, 2015,
Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (Italy)

With the support of:
- INdAM (Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica)
- MIUR (Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca)
- Mathematics Department, University of Bologna
- European Math Society

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List of participants.


  • Michele Benzi
    Lecture 1
    Lecture 2
    Lecture 3
    Lecture 4

  • Dario Bini

  • Daniel Kressner
    Lecture 1
    Lecture 2
    Lecture 3

  • Hans Munthe-Kaas
    Lecture 1.
    Lecture 2a.
    Lecture 2b.
    Lecture 3.

  • Charles Van Loan
    Lecture 1.
    Lecture 2.
    Lecture 3.
    Lecture 4.
    Lecture 5.
    Lecture 6.

    Proposed exercises/problems: n. 1 . n. 2 . n. 3 . n. 4 .

    List of speakers for Additional talks:

    Tips for a nice short talk (link given by Charlie Van Loan)

    Tuesday evening

    21:00-21:15 Ulrich von der Ohe, A multivariate generalization of Prony's method
    21:15-21:30 Nikta Shayanfar, On computing matrix polynomial roots
    21:30-21:45 Tomas Gergelits, Properties of the CG method in finite precision computations
    21:45-22:00 Francesco Tudisco, Clustering graphs using the spectrum of the nonlinear p-Laplacian'
    22:00-22:15 Sarah Gaaf, Bounds for the matrix condition number
    22:15-22:30 Fabio Durastante, An interpolant update for AINV preconditioners
    22:30-22:45 Francesca Arrigo, 'Updating and downdating techniques for optimizing network communicability'
    22:45-23:00 Davide Palitta, Matrix-equation-based strategies for convection-diffusion equations

    Wednesday evening

    18:30-18:45 Erna Begovic, 'Jacobi method on small matrices'
    18:45-19:00 Stefano Pozza, 'n-weight Gauss quadrature'
    19:00-19:15 Tania Bakhos, 'Krylov solvers for shifted systems with applications to solving large-scale inverse problems
    19:15-19:30 Mariarosa Mazza, 'Spectral analysis and structure preserving preconditioners for fractional diffusion equations'
    19:30-19:45 Alessandro Buccini, 'On nonstationary preconditioned iterative regularization methods for image deblurring'
    19:45-20:00 Stefano Massei, Exploiting rank structures in the cyclic reduction for QBD stochastic processes